Taxi, real name Tax Return because she was born on April 15th, 2005, had a registered Simmental dam and an Angus sire. She had the same grand dam as Winnie, so they were nearly full sisters.

But Taxi picked up the Angus black gene and the Simmental beef build, and Winnie picked up the red Angus gene and the dairy build. She was easily the nicest cow to work with.

Taxi belonged to a neighbor briefly and then was sold to a person who boarded her here. She easily birthed big calves but was hard to breed back due to accidents when trying to AI her.

We decided to skip a year so as not to have calves in fall and breed her in June. But she put on so much weight when weaned from her calf she couldn't conceive. We tried to get the weight off by limiting her feed. But another accident happened when trying to AI her and we decided to send her to the cowman and let a bull breed her.

She never did take from the bull, managed to injure her leg, and was shipped.

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