We, like many, preferred for many years to "not know" what was going on with the industrial food system. (Please check out the links page for more information.) We became increasingly ill. Then a wonderful person started sharing food and nutrition research she had done.

This was in October 2007. Reading her information finally convinced us to try to improve the nutrient density of our food.

That started our odyssey, to know as much as we could about food, nutrition, and how to grow our own. We share what we've learned in the hopes that someone else can have better health and a better life.

To that end, we do workshops on Backyard Chickens, Chickens and the Sustainable Farm, and Advanced Chicken roundtables for NOFA/Mass (Northeast Organic farming Association). We also take every opportunity to educate people about nutrition, food, and growing their own. We offer small workshops either here on the farm or at the location of your choice to people of all ages and abilities.

We also would like to encourage others with disabilities or chronic illnesses to improve their nutrition and to learn how to grow their own food, even if it's just pots on a windowsill.

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