The food we raise here on the farm must be of the very highest quality we can grow. To accomplish this, the gardens are amended each year by using a soil test that includes the micro-nutrients, like boron or selenium, as well as the macro-nutrients, like calcium or phosphorus.

The thick hay mulch encourages earthworms. We practice no-till here, so the biology in the soil is disturbed as little as possible. We’ve acquired a backpack sprayer so we will be able to foliar feed as needed to replenish amendments washed away by too much rain. This should increase the health of the plants and reduce some of the disease and pest pressure.

As the gardens’ soil becomes more balanced, we are seeing a slow but steady corresponding increase in the amount of produce coming out of the gardens. The big garden measures 42.5’ x 60’ for 2550 sq. ft. or 6% of an acre. The small garden measures 30’ x 36’ for 1080 sq. ft or 2% of an acre. Total square footage: 3630 or 8% of an acre. This area is enough to feed a family of 3 for a year, provide feed for the pigs and layers, and have some to sell on the farm stand.

For photos of the food we raise, click here. (WARNING: Graphic photos of meat processing.)


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